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Saturday, 27 October 2012

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas... Wait, too early?

Oh no, winter is almost upon us. I know weather is the most mundane topic ever, but have you noticed how cold it has become in the past couple of days? I stepped outside my front door yesterday in just my lycra three quarter lengths and a hoodie and ended up retreating to the hallway in search of more clothes. Don't worry, I was going to the gym - I don't love lycra that much to wear it as part of a normal outfit. Most of the time. Even after putting on a chunky cardi (I looked like a bundle of wool, I was so wrapped up), I regretted my decision to not layer up even more for the cycle to the gym.

Where has this hideous weather come from? And why has it struck Wales with such force? Well, I'm demanding that it goes back to where it came from. I'm a big sucker for thick jumpers and big coats, but not arctic conditions. I'm freezing my toes off here. A certain part of me could definitely cut glass right now. Two certain parts of me. Someone whack the heating up please?

With the cold conditions comes the inevitable excitement about a certain holiday that crops up towards the end of the year. Yes, my birthday, obviously! No, sadly, people aren't exactly over the moon about that date, they're more concerned about the event that happens exactly a week afterwards. Starts with a big fat 'c' and ends with a little 's.' Oh, you got it in one! Gold star for you. CHRISTMAS. I'm a total scrooge at this time of year. I'm one of those people that will get excited about Jesus' birthday, but not until the calendar rolls around to late November/December time. I really do not like the fact that, in what seems to be late August now, the department stores and supermarkets begin to make room for their Christmas aisles. It's sneaky, they start off with a small section, perhaps a couple of baubles and some selection boxes. Nothing too noticeable but enough to get people talking. Then BAM, the shelves are piled high with tree decorations, stocking fillers, giant bars of chocolate, Christmas cards... The list is never ending. 

Christmas shopping panics me. I start early enough, browsing around town a couple of times, buying the majority of my presents. Then it gets to December, usually around the 20th, and I realise that everyone has an uneven amount of presents. I like to be fair, and make sure everyone has near enough the same amount spent on them. Saves arguments. I sound like a parent. "Well, darling, even though your brother's present is the size of an elephant, we did spend the same amount on both of you, so don't complain." 

I'm becoming too sensible I think. Hideous. 

So this fair-share business creates a bit of a tough situation. It's always easier to buy for women, isn't it? You go to Boots and have a whale of time with the 3 for 2 offers, stocking up on bubble bath and hair-care sets; then it dawns upon you that you haven't devoted any of your time to thinking what you're going to buy for those males in your life. They're a pain in the bottom to shop for. I normally end up getting random things, or a lot of Amazon gift vouchers. "There you go - I thought long and hard about this present, appreciate it!"

Or just buy Toblerones. A lot of them. They always go down a storm.

I knew chocolate was the solution to everything...

Big love, xo

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