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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Similes - what are they like?

I went to London a week ago to see one of my good friends from home. He's someone I can tell everything to, and I am not too bothered what he thinks of me. He's going to be my friend no matter what, and I am certain we'll remain close. We haven't known each other a huge amount of time, but we click. We're total opposites, but somehow that makes us fit together quite well. Like the age old cliche, fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle. I'm the rather jazzy piece with a couple of odd ends, he's shaded in more sensible colours, rounded edges, more whole.

This day has been my favourite out of the many of recent weeks. The coach trip was hideous, a ten hour round journey on public transport could never be described as exciting, but it was bearable. Waking up realising you've napped for the majority of the way with your head of your own shoulder in some awkward position isn't exactly the ideal. Especially when you then have neck cramp and notice you may have been dribbling for some of your nap. I am the epitome of all beauty. It's a good thing I don't wonder why I'm single because I think that pinpoints it.

Cutting it short, we had a bit of a tourist-inspired day out. Madame Tussauds, Covent Garden, Winter Wonderland, and dinner in Leicester Square. Pretty knackering for one day.

We ate these cupcakes.

And I found a boyfriend.

Big love, xo


One step forward, two big steps back. Funny how one small thing, one little conversation can change the world. Or at least, your own little world. The one that's been rebuilt in a matter of weeks, now it's deconstructing itself again and the builders are back. Plans are being redrawn, new foundations are being dug. It's made me feel more at ease but somehow my head is swimming. Watery mess. I can't quite make out what is there; it's a bit murky to be honest. I've got to stop with these water-related metaphors. I'm obsessed. I need to start writing in a plain and simple form. Or would that be boring? I'm a bit of a boring person sometimes, I quite like being that way. Sometimes it's easier not to think and just sit back, take things in.

Big love, xo