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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Always keep your promises

So you know I promised a recipe for the cider cupcakes? It's on this blog post. If you click the link, it'll lead you to the uni blog I am writing for... And the first recipe up this term is none other than my own little cakies. Tasty cider cupcakes that YOU can make too. I am super excited to have my work somewhere else other than here. Cue phone call to my Mumma yelling at her to check the internet immediately. She wasn't overly impressed with my semi-shouted monologue where I proclaimed my love for baking; but seemed quite proud I had actually written up one of recipes rather than kept it to myself. I suppose this is more motivation to begin the scrapbook I've been really keen to compile with all my baking pictures and recipes. Ideas please?

Strawberry and Lime Cider Cupcakes - via the Swansea Siren Blog for Swansea University

So, go on, try them out. I dare you.

Big love, xo

P.S. Don't get too tipsy on the leftovers.

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