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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sunday's Kitchen, cupcake style

Today I had a massive baking session. I'll admit I'm quite proud of myself too! I think cooking cheers people up, I really do. It shouldn't be a chore, it should be interesting and fun - looking up new recipes is my idea of having a good time! Okay, okay, I'm a massive loser...

After realising the fridge was missing one of my most vital ingredients, butter, I had to do a mad dash to the local shop to stock up. I hate it when I have a big baking plan to then discover that someone has used up the ingredients I plan to also use - this is the problem living in a family of five with two very hungry brothers, one of which is very keen on being a little chef! 

The cupcakes I made today were strawberry cheesecake and then just plain vanilla, but with a marshmallow-type frosting. I decorated some of those with coloured sugar, and then others I attempted to use fondant decoration. The strawberry cupcakes are inspired by a little cupcake shop I happened upon in Brighton last week. I went in with my friend and I tried a gorgeous raspberry cheesecake cupcake, which genuinely taste as good as it looked, if not better. Yumyumyum. 

So here are the results of today's baking sesh...

 These are the vanilla cupcakes with marshmallow frosting. It was first time to try out the frosting, and it is so light and sweet! I will post the recipe soon.

Pretty sugar sprinkles!

 These are my new favourites. I love cake with fresh fruit. These strawberry cheesecake cupcakes have a strawberry jam centre, and are dusted with cheesecake biscuit base as well as pieces of fresh strawberry. 

The view from above.

I love it when it's sunny. Natural light is so good for taking photos; and so the garden is a brilliant place to take photos too... It's not so nice bringing cakes outside when it's a bit nippy!

Anyone fancy a bite? I think my brother is very excited about his cupcake.

Hope you are enjoying the sunny weather... I'm looking forward to kicking back with a glass of lemonade and maybe a cake (or two!)

Big love! xo

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