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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

So how do you pronounce Cymru?

How do I suddenly go from being desperate for things to do in the summer to busy-busy-busy when I get back to university? This week has been a little bit crazy, what with moving into our (amazing, beautiful, massive, non-student-like... Oh, the list goes on...) house, and then catching up with various people, going to the marina and going out on the water, hitting the gym, going out multiple times to join in with Freshers... and of course the usual drama that comes with my life.

I am so happy to be back in Wales. I'm not over the moon about the arctic weather however. I don't know what I'm going to do come Winter, or mid-autumn for that matter. I'm craving a bit of sun; being able to wear shorts without my legs resembling two blocks of ice would be a dream come true. Anyway. Moving on from my little whinge. 

I don't think I've ever been happier to see a language I can't read plastered all over the road signs of this little country, and the rolling hills and the sheep. Lots of them. I love the Welsh stereotypes. Actually, I just love the British stereotypes in general. I enjoy the idea that as a nation all we do is sit around having afternoon tea, munching on scones smothered in jam and cream, accompanied by the Royals. I would be very happy if that were true.

Freshers has been fun so far. Okay, okay so it's only Tuesday, and I've technically only been to two of the events specified as part of Freshers Week, but I have had a whale of a time. Don't drink Sourz. Also, don't become a lightweight over the summer. It could result in a lot of embarrassment. My friend pretended she was running the Cardiff Half Marathon on Friday night, got halfway to campus, then decided to ask us if she'd even entered. Which, of course, she hadn't. I think I've participated in my fair share of awkward moments already too... Alcohol is a dangerous thing. Unless you use it with food. Then it's obviously completely okay to stick in large quantities (it all burns off in the oven, right?!). Watch my next post, it will be for some cheeky Cider Cupcakes that I made (very tasty, if you were wondering, and definitely worth a go).

Big love, xo

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