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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Down it Fresher! Oh, sorry, I mean eat up.

Cider? Cake? Cream Cheese? This is definitely a combo descended from heaven. And of course I did not snack the whole time I was baking... I am such a sucker for cream cheese, I eat doorstop slices of toasted bread smothered in it. Fruity cider is also my weakness. It doesn't taste alcoholic! Major problem for the main resident of Lightweight City over here.

Now I've finished my little food dream, I'll tell you about the cakes. They went well the first time, but I had a bit of a buttercream disaster. I tried out a new recipe for my frosting which I totally regret! It was so runny. I could have gone swimming in it. This is where I should have stuck to the tried and tested; but if you don't attempt new things you'll never learn I suppose! I think I’m going to turn the runny buttercream into some sort of tart. I have ready-rolled pastry (such a cheater, but it’s brilliant for quick meals) and double cream in the fridge so I think I’ll create some sort of limey-cheesecake style dessert. Anything with a bit of thick cream on the top can't be bad.

Gloopy buttercream - a little bit too messy.

I think they were well enjoyed by my housemates and friends too. They went pretty quickly! My gal pals have put me on a ban, I am only allowed to make cakes once a week, and I can only give them one each. I think they're concerned I'm trying to fatten them up. But as a student you need all the calories you can get, right? I am already not looking forward to the inevitable living-out-of-my-overdraft lifestyle where I can only afford the basics for food. A loan can only last so long!

Mid-morning treat!

Check out the next post, I'll be uploading the recipe and a couple of pictures.

Big love, xo

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