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Saturday, 8 September 2012

New Beginnings

So I am beginning my blog again! It's coming to the end of a bit of rollercoaster year, and now I'm determined to keep up with all the little things that I know I forget about a lot.

In a week I arrive back in the country that I've come to call home, Wales. Super excited to see lots of faces that I haven't over summer, and to settle into my new home with my friends. It's like a student palace! I'm overexaggerating, but it does have a decent sized kitchen... Which is one of the reasons I'm mega-focused on becoming Queen of Cooking. I have no excuses now!

I mostly bake cake (and lots of it) but I also love cooking dinners and going crazy raiding the kitchen cupboards to create exciting/sometimes disastrous new dishes! So the next few posts will be about all the cakies I have been fattening everyone up with over the summer. Yumyumyum.

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Big love! xo

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