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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Big Love? More like Big Loser.

February the fourteenth. That day is a killer for all singletons, I'm sure. I may have already stated my current stance on relationships/dating/couples... They're big fat cliches, mostly, and I dislike it when people are overly public and cringey. I'm mostly just jealous, to put it simply.

So my email account is already piling up with Valentine's-associated junk; everyone is at it. Tesco are offering me discount wine to woo my potential lover, and even the National Union of Students - NUS - are suggesting food deals for that 'special' evening meal (trying to fit in with the student ideals and offering Dominos vouchers. If someone did that for me, I don't think I'd be entirely impressed. Though I'm not exactly in a position to reject anything right now). Why is this day become such a significant event in our calendar? I remember when I was younger it was important, sometimes even part of lesson plans in school, where we'd make cards, normally for our mothers. But it was never marketed to this extent.

I'm having a moan because I want a boyfriend for the night.

They should have a rent-a-boyfriend service.

I wouldn't mind having a snuggle with a boy, watching a rom-com, stuffing my face on rich foods and getting tipsy on some fancy wine, or perhaps even pushing the boat out and sipping away on some champagne. Oh, and being presented with a big fat bouquet of roses. And another thought, I wouldn't mind someone popping over to wake me up in the morning, with a tray of breakfast specially prepared (I wouldn't even expect eggs Benedict, porridge will do me fine, honestly).

I don't ask for much, really.

But a romantic night in with my housemates munching on an Marks and Sparks Dine for Two will do, I suppose.

I'm joking, I'm mega-excited. Who needs boys? Totally going in for the 60's feminist movement. Going to burn my bras and everything.

This is my kind of love. Cake, you spoil me.

Big love, xo

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