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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Rain, rain, go away, please don't come again another day

Note: I wrote this the other day and may have only just finished it now.
I've just got in from food shopping in town, and I resemble a drowned rat. Or a chipmunk, to be more precise, as I often think my front teeth veer to the larger side of the scale. So sitting here nibbling on my Ryvita (I tell people I think it tastes nice, but I'm lying, although this time I think I picked the better flavour, Mediterranean Herbs; feeling like devouring the whole packet but surely that would defeat the object of buying Ryvita), I am wondering who actually looks good in the rain. So I've made a top five of famous people. It's hard to even do that, because most people look disgusting when their make-up runs and their shoes are sodding. Even actresses. Even models.

Well, this one was kind of obvious. As much as I really dislike The Notebook (I will only watch it to admire Ryan Gosling's beautiful face); and as much as I think the kissing in the rain scene is hideously cliche but kind of hot (mainly because Ryan Gosling is involved); Rachel MacAdams seems to pull off 'caught-in-a-rainstorm' chic. Or maybe I'm just wishing I was her in that scene...

Penn Badgely has got that geeky cute look down to a T. I don't know how he does it but he manages to be one of those people that seem to not know they're attractive yet are astonishingly so. I like those people. They're the most reliable. If you know you're attractive, you're normally a bit arrogant (I was going to say up yourself, but I think that's a bit too harsh).
Anyway, look at him battling that wind. Penn, feel free to save my umbrella anytime.

Nicole Kidman is one of those lucky ones who are blessed with the gift of looking good au naturel. I just wish she'd eat a bit more cake.

So number two is a kind of joint one. Because they're equally beautiful. As much as I feel that Kate needs to put on weight (can't wait until the baby fat is showing, she is going to look so healthy), she is still stunning. If only I could have her legs! Or tummy. Or face. Or all of them, and I'd be hottie of the year, woo hoo! I'd also have a gorgeous husband and a couple of estates in my pocket too. Nice one.

So the winner is totally justified. Ewan McGregor just looks good in anything, fact. I am a total sucker for him in Star Wars especially. I'm just a total sucker for Star Wars in general. I think any girl would agree - and if they don't, they're suffering from concussion or similar.

Hope you enjoyed my little bit of celeb-admiring. Now you know my crushes.

Big love, xo

P.S. Ewan McGregor, call me maybe?

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