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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Either I'm getting old and cynical, or I'm realising the reality of everything around me. Or maybe it's the prospect of university ending and entering the 'real world'. The thought of it makes my stomach squirm and my toes wiggle in frustration.

When things get hard, that's what I do. I rub my feet together as a kind of coping mechanism. It's like I'm hoping that magic is real, as if suddenly fairy dust will spring from my soles and sprinkle around me. Or I'll have a Dorothy moment, clacking my heels together in my sparkly ruby slippers and I'll be whizzed home.

So dashing.

But, yes, the world is big and scary. My mum can't fix everything anymore, either. People can hurt you very easily, but it just means you need to grow a backbone and stand up for yourself. After a hurricane of teen years/early twenties, I'm hoping that 2014 brings the stability I've always dreamed of.

Who am I kidding? I love a bit of drama.

It's okay, I've started watching Hollyoaks to substitute that. Worrying about the ridiculous storylines on soaps tire me out, I don't have any time for my own problems... "Oh my goodness, did you see the one the other day? Teresa McQueen? Omigod yeah I know!" I am turning into a middle aged stay at home mother. I already enjoy Loose Women more than I care to admit.

Whoever made this sign should be ashamed. (I secretly like it).

With these new bad habits, and knowing that everything will not fall into my hands without me so much as moving a finger, I have decided to make some resolutions.

1. Get a hamster so that I have a permanent bezzie that lives in my room and can snuggle on my stomach for naps.

Oh wait yeah I did that.

Meet Quinn, my little baby gurrllll.

Filter happy, chillin with this cutie.

2. Actually DO my sit ups every night and use my pilates book. And go to the gym more. Then I can get a bangin' bod and be like OH HEY LOOK AT ME if I go on holiday, rather than resembling a human sausage roll with my towel wrapped around me five times and superglued in place so it doesn't fall down.

Which leads onto the next one...

3. Go on holiday. The girls and I are planning for this summer. I'm weeing myself in excitement. Oh wait no, that's just my hamster doing it on my hand. 

4. STOP watching so many Vine videos of people wearing extra large jogging bottoms so they look like human ostriches. 

Hours of fun.

5. Stop embarrassing myself in lectures. No more sticking my hand up to ask for a pen because both of mine have ran out, or falling up the stairs on the way to my chair, or accidentally playing the Krave cereal adverts on full blast my phone because I'm hopeless with technology. 

And most importantly...

6. PASS MY DEGREE or marry Rupert Grint. Both are just as good as the other, right?

They're definitely achievable... I think.

Big love, xo

P.S. I have one more exam. How scary. Good luck in yours.

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