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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Go to bed, Nay.

Standing where I am now, standing up at all,
I was used to feeling like I was never gonna see myself at the finish line,
Hanging onto parts of me, hanging on at all,
I was used to seeing no future in my sight line.

- I'm Not Their Hero, Tegan and Sara.

This is blatantly only happening because it is almost 2 a.m.; I'm getting all thoughtful and acting like a complete and utter idiot. Sentimental and all that. Boo hoo, I'm a third year, everything's ending, everything I once knew is coming to a close. Not quite yet. Almost, though.

Next thing I'll be putting on that Nickelback song about his photograph or whatever it is. 'Look at this photograph, everytime I do it makes me laugh, blah blah blah.' 


I hate how my perspective on everything has changed because of three months far away from home.

I miss you, India. Funny thing is, I kind of want to go back. Summer 2014? Where's my backpack... I'm going travelling.

Big love, xo

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