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Monday, 10 June 2013

The Indian Summer

School's out for summer!

My second year of university is DONE. Completed. I have one more year until I'm off into the big bad world to begin the 'grown up' stage of my life. Post-student. I'm dreading it.

Thankfully that isn't quite yet. Summer's started. And guess what!

Earlier this year, I signed up to a TEFL programme which offered an opportunity to teach in India. I was over the moon and beyond when - after various different emailing processes, an interview, and other formative routines - I found out I would be teaching in a school in Kerala! It's been a lengthy procedure of gaining my visa and booking flights plus having travel vaccinations, amongst other bits and bobs, but it is now less than a week until my flight from Heathrow.


I hope to write as much as I can about my trip there on this blog, and give everyone updates on my travels/my time at the school!

The countdown to Kerala is on!

Big love, xo

P.S. Every time I say I'm going to India for the summer, the Stereophonics song plays in my head and gets stuck there for days.

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