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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Just a lil' update

It always seems the times I do write, not much is going on in my life. I'm just plodding along, admiring the scenery. Making up plans in my head, discussing things with myself, and just getting on with life in general.

Then suddenly it all comes at once, whoosh, boom, my life is throwing a party for itself. I've hit the bend on the rollercoaster, and I'm shooting upwards, big fat adrenaline rush. Holding on tight, trying to hold onto what I've got.

I have some very, very exciting news. I'm getting baptised next Sunday.

Baptised? What? Why? Where's this come from?

I started going to church again last year, just before Christmas, after a girl I knew suggested coming along to a service. I am so grateful to her, and am so happy that she was brought into my life, and has brought me back to the faith I grew up with.

Being at university makes you more and more detached from things you used to know when you were younger. It's so easy to get caught up in things other people think are good for you, or what you think is cool and fun. I sound like a bit of a grandma writing that, but it's true, isn't it? It's like school all over again. You want to be part of a crowd, and to stand out wouldn't be part of your agenda. Blend, blend, blend. Blend in. Don't make a statement, people might think you're a bit weird. You're on your own now. Your friends at home are just that, friends at home (or maybe they went to university too, but not the same one as you), you won't have them to fall back on. Your family is miles and miles away, you can't expect them to understand, you can't explain your uni life over your Mum's macaroni cheese at dinner.

I'm glad that I got pulled back though. Back to reality, back to believing.

I am now very keen for church. I look forward to Sunday mornings, I look forward to Small Group in the evening, once a week. I own a Bible that's pink. I am so glad to be living in this modern age where I get to plaster my religion with my favourite colour.

God has blessed me with a supportive family who are really happy for my decision, and a new church that's welcomed me with open arms, plus a brand new circle of friends that share the same faith as me.

Bit by bit, I was reeled back in. It was as if it was a step-by-step process. A plan, perhaps. Moments in my life in the past couple of years have followed on from one another, building and building inside me to amount to the present day.

This all down to my Grandad. Despite not being here anymore, I reckon he secretly is. Nagging away at me in the background, making me get the most out of life still. I hope you're proud, you're the main reason for this, you lovely old fella, you. You best be watching on Sunday.

I won't go the whole hog and write down my whole testimony on here - I'll save that for people that ask me for it. But I just wanted to share a little part of my life this year, a little part of my new adventure.

Big love, xo

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